Ann Patchett – A State of Wonder

“Hope is a horrible thing, you know. I don’t know who decided to package hope as a virtue because it’s not. It’s a plague. Hope is like walking around with a fishhook in your mouth and somebody just keeps pulling it and pulling it.”
― Ann Patchett – A State of Wonder

I finished Ann Patchett’s State of Wonder book today, The above quote is cemented in my mind since it jumped off the page at me. I had to share this quote, for I believe we would all have very different interpretations of this quote and book. I have always been so full of hope with an extremely positive outlook on the world. (which drives most of my family and friends crazy)  I hold an expectant hope that there is always something better up ahead. But perhaps it is better if I live in the now and be here now. Instead of constantly hoping for new things. Just a thought. #books