Food Intolerance – Gripe!

Okay, so I am unsure how intolerant or what tummy issues most of you have.

I have Fructose Malabsorption, for the last three years it has been awful. I have been on the Low Fod Map diet for a very long time but I still feel unwell. My tummy is always swollen, it never looks like it use to. I noticed if I eat liquids, I have no reaction. I mentioned this to the doctor and he thinks I may have diverticulitis. My Aunt recently called me and I was telling my Aunt about all the doctors theories (there is a lot) and mentioned the diverticulitis in which she responded “Oh, I have that and so does your Popa and Nanna.” – Gee! thanks guys for mentioning this three years ago.

So now, I have to go and do more tests, to determine what is wrong with me. Is anyone else over not being able to eat what they once could? I keep losing weight and feel stuck in this tormenting brain fog. I shouldn’t feel this tired. These are supposed to be my best years, I want to enjoy life. After-all “Food is the Spice of Life”…….  😦


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