Kids Saying Creepy Things #894

I had to share this tale!

My good friend is a Nanny and deals with some troublesome kids. Today she called me for advice for she was unsure how to handle a situation that arose.

Firstly the child asked my friend during Arts and Crafts if she was a boy or a girl. She thought this may be aimed at her unwaxed eyebrows. So she laughed and pointed them out to him and said she is a girl because going into further logistics would have confused the 3 year old. He responded with “Oh that is bad for you…” and Naturally my friend replied with “Why?” His response “You’re going to get killed, we kill girls”


Then he told my friend this elaborate plan he had, to meet a bunch of girls at the park casually laugh to distract them. This way his friend could kill them

My friends reply “um buddy we don’t kill people. Heros don’t kill girls”

he looked at my friend like he was Professor Snape and just said “I’m not a hero”….

 My friend wanted my advice after this. I had nothing, I laughed and we both ended the conversation feeling incredibly uncomfortable.

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