Sunday, the day after.

“That’s an incredibly depressing thought,” I said “that if you’re in a room and at one end lies madness and at the other end lies sanity it is human nature to veer towards the madness end.”
Jon Ronson, The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry

How do you guys cope with going under General Anesthetic? Do you remember those weird snipets of conversation before you are knocked out? Do you dream in this state or are you out cold?

I have had many different experiences with General Anesthetic, I could tell you quite a few weird tales about me under this condition. But yesterdays was a bit odd and most recent. I always get nervous. Always.

As the anesthesiologist was putting me under, the surgeon shouted “David Bowie” and I am looking around trying to figure out if Bowie was in the room? In my head I couldn’t decipher if I am already knocked out at this stage? Than I realised he was pointing at my tattoo. (I have a tattoo of the worm from The Labyrinth on my arm) purely because I love David Bowie so much but couldn’t commit/trust anyone to do a David Bowie portrait tattoo. The surgeon simply knowing the reference on my arm put all my worries at ease.

When I woke up this lady was talking to me about my name. It is very unusual and she was intrigued about it’s heritage etc. She also went into detail about her name and how it was her dad’s mothers name before she passed away. After that conversation the surgeon who screamed “David Bowie” came and checked on me. We spoke about Bowie for ages. However I was in such a dream state I am thinking now I may have seemed crazy obsessive. I have always found incidents like that weird or looking for some kind of omen.

I had the colonoscopy and gastroscopy yesterday. It has taken me a while to get my energy back. I am hoping the biopsy that was taken will bring some new bowel information into light. (fingers crossed)

I did however feel incredibly loved. If you hate mushy stuff advert your eyes now. (You have been warned) or continue reading I won’t blame you for the eye rolls.

You know when you want to scream into a void because you feel so happy with someone. I get waves of this. All the time. I feel like I am living the end of 16 Candles everyday. My boyfriend is so incredibly supportive he had to wait with me for hours because the Hospital advised that they were behind in the operating theater and he didn’t complain once. Gosh, he can make me laugh.

So here is hoping I have answers soon!


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