The Sunlit Night – By Rebecca Dinerstein

“Some people have never been made good love to, or don’t remember, or haven’t been taught how, and cheat their lives out of the pleasure we each can make in one another.”
Rebecca Dinerstein, The Sunlit Night

Everywhere I turned it felt like this book was staring at me. I honestly couldn’t escape it. I finally caved  to the demanding presence.

This book has some fantastic well written imagery and it is quite quirky with it’s characters. I liked how they all intertwined and it wasn’t hard to follow the story line.

However, I feel that the book was too short. Because of this, it lacked depth. This book comes across as an emotional roller-coaster to the characters the issue being there is no back story or explanation of how the character was dealing with the situation. What is provided seems like a small glimpse of what they are battling with., It didnt feel asthough the narrator is expressing and telling their feelings, it seemed more like someone from a far explaining a situation. That is the only negative I have. It is an easy read, with some adorable teenage romance.

I give this book 2 out of 5


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