Club Scenes

Yesterday, I went to a Night Club for a friend’s birthday. I have been to many of the years, where we do predrinks get wasted before we go in and usually end up dancing the night away in a hot sweat and sea of people.

While I was there I had quite an epiphany. I feel that people go to a club to get drunk to dance and to seem as an extroverted fun loving gal/guy. I witnessed groups of people all mirroring each other, not only in style but in their actions and conversations. They are mirroring what they see their friend do and also mirror what they expect their friend would like them to act and behave. I am unsure why so many people do it? Do they get out and realise it isn’t enjoyable so they drink more?

The weirdest thing was the age difference between people at the club. I mean if you 50 and still clubbing? I really mean, if you have that energy at 50, all power to you. But I also do not want a 50 year old man hassling me to buy me drinks and whispering sweet nothings in my ear. You are the age of my grandad and that doesn’t sit comfortable with me. Thank you Hugh Hefner, for that awkward experience.

I don’t think I ever like clubbing. I love to dance, but you can never dance freely at a club without the constant guy trying to buy you a drink or the constant knocking of the girl that did a little too many tequila shots and wore heels way higher than her usual comfort size.

AND WOMEN’s TOILET LINES? What even is that. I know most women are dropping drugs etc, but dude it doesn’t take half a hour.

What am I trying to say is why do we dress up so much to get wasted and pretend to be happy and having a good time?

I will stick to a pub/bar from now on.


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