Seeing The Future

Today I went and saw a Clairvoyant. I have seen many in the past, but this one has predicted so much about future and things that have happened in my younger life that no one knew or would be able to even slightly guess.

To give you an idea of our previous experiences, Actually my first experience ever with her she predicted my marriage would fall apart. I thought she was crazy. She told me there was nothing I could do, that I would handle everything as though a deer in headlights. She even predicted the month. When she told me this information, I was so happy with my ex. He was so sweet, endearing also spontaneous. I think I loved his courageous wild side, for that is something I lack in personality. On this month that my world fell apart so to speak, he signed into his Facebook on my phone. WHY? Honestly to this day I can’t remember. We were drinking at a friends party we were all having a great time. I was pretty drunk and my phone wouldn’t stop going off. I hadn’t realised at this point it was his Facebook logged in and I was getting messages along the lines of “I wanna see your throbbing cock” “Can’t wait to roll around with you again” You get the idea? Anyways, I thought it was the old classic spam from a random. But than I realised that a conversation had been between us… into which I realised it was not me having these conversations. There was images of him with girls and his responses. I left him and I was a deer in head lights…

After this experience, she called me and apologised and said to come and see her free of charge. She said she felt bad she couldn’t tell me the why’s at the time. You know what, that session was the best therapy I have ever had in my life. I walked away thinking, if nothing she said today comes true I don’t even mind. The life advice she gave me was priceless.

So back to, today! My boyfriend wanted to try her, with his new postings and all new things in the horizon he wanted to get a reading. Can I say, this made me love him even more. To take an interest in something I like.. I mean, have I hit the jackpot?

So we had separate sessions, I was fearful because she is so blunt. I was scared we aren’t going to work out or she wont like him etc. But it turns out we were together in a past life! We thrived and he was in the Navy back in that past life also. What are the chances? I was told so much, she said I am going to be incredibly creative over the next few years and I need to write a book. I need to learn an instrument. I need to get my life stories out in the open. She even knew about this blog! She mentioned a lot about me moving and things just working out. My boyfriend has a more intense reading being his first time but he was blown away by everything she knew about him that no one else knew. She is under the impression that I have a twist in my gut which is causing me all the dietary issues. I can’t remember what else she said, my brain is quite drained today. But I am feeling good and when I remember other stuff I will post it.


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