A Laugh Well Needed

To give you a bit of background at my work, we sit in desks (pods) which consist of four people. So usually when you are having a conversation all four people are involved.

The girl next to me and the one across from me and I, were talking about Tim Tams. About how when foreigners come here, people always push them down their throats. We were discussing how Tim Tams are most delicious, when you use them as a straw through milk. YUUUUM!

So about 3-4 mins later, the lady furthest away from us on the desk/pods said “When I first got here (Australia) I saw two Nuns doing it, it looked like they were enjoying it and very pleasurable, so I thought I should give it a try” – We were all gobsmacked until I responded with “What on earth are you referring to?” – She replied with a better and clearer explanation that it was a Tv Commercial and they were eating Tim Tams.

Hahahahaha 0_O


6 thoughts on “A Laugh Well Needed

    1. It can be quit absurd sometimes. It was worse when I was working in our social media team. I’m originally from Sydney! I’m in Melbourne now, Melbourne was voted the number 1 city to live in the world and I couldn’t agree more.

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