I really should brush my hair.

“I can play very annoying girl, very lost girl and then all the things in the spectrum between.”                     –Lena Dunham

I am super happy at the moment. Had my birthday on the weekend, my oh my was it busy! I had drinks Friday night at a Pub. I got very drunk and played so many different women roles in my antics.

My favorite parts of the night are below:

  • My friend sniffed under her arm pit, rubbed it with her hands, sniffed again and said to a guy while shoving this fingers under his nose “I stink” His response “It smells like you need a drink” and he ACTUALLY bought her a DRINK.
  • A friend commented on this older ladies boobs at the bar, saying how great they look. She whipped out these silicone stress ball looking things, rubbed them all over one of my guy friends faces plopped it back in her bra and said “Now your DNA is on these” ….
  • A super drunk guy decided to call me FIREBALL, because I have red hair and he thought he was super original. MAKING RED HEAD JOKES? – never had that before, sigh.
  • LITERAL DANCE MOVES. these are my absolute favorite. The bigger the gesture the funnier it is.
  • My boyfriend cuddling me on the train and being the absolute beautiful man that he is.

So all in all, my birthday was fun and I am so blessed to have the oddest and funniest group of friends out.


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