When you get that one message…

A friend sent this message to me today and it made me laugh. I haven’t edited it because I think it makes it funnier. Please be aware that English is not my friends first language either.

Eh very colorful people working at lush melb central
Went in for a face moisturiser the counter guy (flaming homosexual) said
“Is it hot in here? feel my forehead”

grabbed my hand and place my Palm on his forehead and said: “feel like im getting a fever. It’s so warm here should I take this off?”
Before i could answer he took his apron off and try to lift his outer shirt up looked down at his belly realists his under layer shirt was abit short sitting way above his belly button and start giggling to himself and continued on
“Maybe I should take the under lay shirt off and keep my tshirt”
one that actually cover his belly button.

The stunt Me:”yes that would be better…….” (just imagine my awkward face)

Counter boy “yeah that would be better; alright have a nice day honey” (in a very feminine voice) handed me the shopping bag.

What just happened?… O_0


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