The Enchanted – Rene Denfeld

“After a time, it seemed that the world inside the books became my world. So when I thought of my childhood, it was dandelion wine and ice cream on a summer porch, like Ray Bradbury, and catching catfish with Huck Finn. My own memories receded and the book memories became the real memories, far more than the outside, far more even than in here.”
― Rene Denfeld, The Enchanted

OMIGAWSH! This is a ride of a read. I am so glad I read it, it is a wave of those things called “emotions”

I couldn’t put this book down, the imagery and how easily the words are all sewn together, has to be some form of witch craft! The characters are thoroughly entertaining, they all have a part to play in the story, stick in there! There was times I started to get confused with who was talking, but they would give you slight clues and you would be nodding in amusement and sadness.

THERE IS SO MANY WONDERFUL QUOTES IN THIS BOOK! Here is a few of my favorite gems:

“He knows that when she passes, a grief will rip through him unlike anything he has ever known. Preparing for it doesn’t help. He just knows it will come. It is like realizing you are sailing a boat across an ocean and soon you will find the other shore- it will be just you and acres of dry, blinding white sand. There may be trees on that island, and sun, and food, but none of it will feel or taste right, because you will stand there and realize: I am alone.”
― Rene Denfeld, The Enchanted

“Even monsters need a person who truly wants to listen – to hear – so that someday we might find the words that are more than boxes.”
― Rene Denfeld, The Enchanted

“Ideas are powerful things; we should take more care with them. I know there are some who would disagree – those who think ideas are like food they can taste and spit out if they don’t like it. But ideas are stronger than that. You can get a taste of an idea inside you, and the next thing you know, it won’t leave. Until you do something about it.”
― Rene Denfeld, The Enchanted

I give this book 5/5 stars.

PS. I am not giving anything away about the story line, it is just to good!


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