Some Women

So last night I had my boyfriends going away drinks and must I say, some women are just so rude.

He had to invite everyone to it, even people he hasn’t seen in over a year. Some of these girls he use to live with, some are nice but mostly all of them are just beyond ugly hideous people. They think I have “stolen’ their friend. When really he has just outgrown their lets get drunk every weekend in the backyard and never explore anything mentality.

He has a few girl friends, I use the term “girl” because it is like they are still stuck in the early primary school early days of highschool years where having a clique was everything. I said hello with an unwary smile. (I usually know how they will act) as per usual I got no reply and the cold shoulder. I know I shouldn’t take this stuff to heart. But all my friends are so warm and responsive people, they take anyone under their wing and provide everyone with love.  They have showed my boyfriend and abundance of love and acceptance.

This is what fires me up and he uses excuses for them such as “They have depression and anxiety…” that really gets me, because in a group of 6 girls one cant wander over all the whole group just say hi, in unison?

Does anyone else have this trouble with certain groups?

I really hope this is the last dealings with them for now and the future. I am just so done with negative people that stunt our growth.


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