You Have to Love Yourself

You have to wake up in the morning, brew yourself some coffee acknowledge your surroundings. Acknowledge passers by, tell that girl you think her skirt is amazing and provide that guy with a compliment for the sunglasses he is wearing or the way he styled his hair.

BE NICE. not superficial nice, the nice that is genuine, the nice that people will smile at and know you are interested in them and where they are from and their creative soul.

If you have a bad day, jump in the shower burn your skin clean. Light some sage, listen to music. CLEAN YOUR ROOM – this can do wonders.

STOP – letting yourself get upset over things you CAN’T control. You can be sensitive, but don’t hold a grudge that lasts two years. Don’t overthink it. You don’t have to rely on everyone else’s opinion.

You are your own person.

Please, love yourself!


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