Gal Pals

“I love flawed female characters, duking it out.” –Lena Dunham

So, last night I met up with two of my girlfriends for some tea and cake at our favorite tea place. While we were there we were admiring the weather and decided that we required some booze to add to our already fun filled night.

We decided to go to a bar near the water and truly ravish in the afternoons sun and warmth. While we were drinking one of my friends was saying how she hates when she is with a guy and she is sleeping with him, that she always has to forewarn him that she is on her period in-case he decides to just shove his hands down there. So, on the weekend she got buzzed and forgot to warn him. He went down on her and came up straight away horrified, she said he had a clump of her blood in his mouth. Her response? “I bet that tasted like raw steak” – I am crying of laughter while writing this, because the guy, still likes her and wants to date her after that comment! Oh, and situation!

SO GUYS, Love exists.


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