Your worth

OKAY – I have to get something off my chest. I apologise if it comes of as harsh or not clear.

I have quite a few friends at the moment that are recently single and which makes them fragile and very vulnerable and what does society say when you break up with someone? – Get with another guy, get onto online dating, have a one night stand..etc.

So, my mates have all been on the recently single exploring everything band wagon, no biggie. Which results in lust and chasing and playing games.

I want to share one story with you, bit off topic but to give you an idea what they are putting up with because my friends think this is what they should be doing. So a good friend met a guy online, went on a date with him. Which he over exaggerated, so the whole thing was a huge let down to her. Because the night had been such a flake she got really drunk went home with him and while they were starting to get heated he placed his finger in her belly button and said “Mmm that’s a good belly button, that’s years of good breeding right there” he also was touching her down below and pull his hand out sniffed it and said “yeah, yeah that smells like familiar” honestly, if i was in this position i would have just walked straight out. But her, eager to get the upper hand in life and what she should be doing stayed. There is so much more to that story, but the take away part is she said she felt like she had to be sleeping with someone else before her ex. Which this is exactly how all my friends feel. BECAUSE everyone harps on about quick and easy ways for getting over the guy to them. It is usually their friends, coworkers and family members.

The other side of this is when they really like someone and they sleep with them and they never call back or play games to them. My friends really start to stress that there is things wrong with them. Like they were too hairy, timid, loud, annoying, opinionated, animated in bed. (this list can go on forever) My friends actually take it personally, I am unsure why women especially take it so hard. I am constantly reminding my friends that it may never be any of those things maybe they just wanted to get laid and they weren’t overly interested in you or they are just as broken.

GALS: you are all beautiful, do not place your worth in someone hands; because they will most definitely destroy it.

anyways, end rant!


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