Step Parents

I am currently one of six siblings. We aren’t all what you would call “full blood” siblings. My mother only had my sister and I. However, my father left my mother when I was very young and was married to woman who already had a son, who was two years older then me and my dad and my step mum had three children together over the course of my life.

During this time, my step-mum had let us into her house with open arms, she was nice to a certain extent. The older I got the less and less I saw my dad, I always sensed this feeling that she was jealous of me. I know that every kid probably feels that way when they are their dads first born, but it began to seem like she was always trying to undermine me and get me in trouble for ridiculous things. Keeping in mind, at this time I was five. Five. She was 24, she blames it on young age now days, but honestly I am not that much older and no way would I attempt to compare myself to a child. In saying all this, her son, the one that was two years older then me was the most grotesque,spoiled, horrible brat of a person I have ever met. He would torture me for hours and she would allow him to and by torture I mean hit me and hurt me until I was crying and if I retaliated or fought back she would tell my dad that I had started it and my dad no matter how many times I told the truth, he just wouldn’t believe me. Eventually, I related anything to do with my dad to those experiences and was happy to never see him again. So, I went to living with my mum and sister and although this wasn’t a walk in the park, as my mother had many issues. It was still a load nicer then being anywhere near my step-mum and her horrible child.

Then when I was 8 years old, my mum went to jail. One day, when I have the motivation to write what she did, I will. It honestly ruined my childhood. I was an adult as of that day and nothing I have been able to do has ever let me go back in time. My dad, being a truck driver heard on the radio what had happened. He wanting to be the “good” guy as everyone perceives him to be thought he would intervene. I had not seen my dad in two years, I had no clue we were intended to go into his care and the years of emotional and physical bullying I would have to endure. That day, my grandparents (my mums parents) fought to have me in their custody and the courts, having no idea about anything (seriously don’t even get me started on the thousands of times the justice system has failed me) I was sent to dads. At this time, my step-mum had two kids to my dad. So I was essentially going from being the oldest sibling to the second oldest sibling among four others. I was made to mother the other children day in and day out. My stepbrother is the most misogynistic pig. He would walk in on me while I was showering and comment on my body and chase me around the house with a knife. One time he held a knife to my throat and made me drink dish washing liquid. I told my dad because I had been violently vomiting for hours on end and he said I had an active imagination. My step-mum would blame all their money drama her own insecurities and pretty much anything she could on my sister and I. We were made to clean the house and ensure all the chores were done. She is the messiest woman I have ever met in my life. People say she is a hoarder, but it isn’t organised it isn’t collecting. It is just mess, she has so much mess. It is sheer laziness. My step-mum would also always buy her children these big and extravagant gifts and my sister and I would always get, I am too poor this week to get your gift I will get you one next week or it would be something that neither of us were interested in.  I got out of that hell hole when I was 14 and I am so glad for it. I don’t know how I overcame it. I have very little to do with that family now, my stepbrother is still the biggest angel in my step-mums eyes.

I don’t care what anyone says, in my experience a step parent will never love you like they do their own children.


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