Distracted by day dreams

Today, I am distracted by day dreams. I am dreaming that I will find a job before I move into state, preferably before February. That my boyfriend and I, will live in a big house, with a dog. A chow, chow to be precise. His name will be Warlock and he will be a wonderful and magical friend.

I dream that we will be unimaginably happy and I will feel so loved. We will see each other constantly and won’t have to be on the phone all day. We will drink lots of tea and wine and consume dangerous amounts of cheese and deli meats.

These sorts of dreams keep me going, when at the moment my work is so boring and mundane, my household is poisonous, my housemates are a couple who expired a long time ago and still not willing to admit it to each other or more importantly to themselves. She, especially has commented the time they have spent together as the key factor she cant go. But her best friend said to me it is more the fact that she has a free ride here and she just wants someone to care for her, so she doesn’t have to.

So please excuse me today, If I seem a little off. I am dreaming of bigger and better things.


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