I just got off the phone to my boyfriend and we were talking about various things and we were talking about my housemates. – This being a common subject, because I live with a dysfunctional couple and the things they do sometimes astound everyone.

We were talking how another friend of theirs has moved into the house and he has no concept of the term inside voice. I am unsure how long he will be here and not being here much longer I do not want to create waves, I am sure you can understand why. (not worth the drama this late in the renting game)

I was explaining a scenario in which our new house mate spoke to another from the hallway at 11:30 the other night, loudly and rudely with no concept for people sleeping. I thought about saying something, but by the time I mustered the courage he was back in his room.

I was telling my boyfriend this obviously to have a whinge and just explain the situation, but him being the guy that only sees everything in black and white could not understand why I did not just tell him off then and there. He said that instead of whinging to him about such things that I should go directly to the source. He actually referred me to an acquaintance that does this often, but she creates waves and drama on purpose. At the moment I just feel very offended and frustrated at the whole conversation and I don’t know how to explain to him, why it has bothered me so much. In all honesty, it was probably the whole conversation, he must be tired. (see here I go making excuses for him) I just wish sometimes he came with a bit more empathy. *sigh


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