write what happened.


So on Thursday night, it was a good friend of mines birthday. We went out for dinner and drinks, all the people she thought were going to show didn’t and she did her usual thing were she sits with what ever guy shows up and sits next to them. Anyways, I don’t think she has any particular interest in this guy, honestly I think its the attention she gets from the guy. Every man I know that meets her, falls head over heels with her. It isn’t a gradual thing its full blown, I will do anything this gal asks of me. Lately I have been noticing it more then often, purely because at Christmas time she seems to need this attention more, why? I am unsure.She is a deep soul, with a lot of torments that eat her. These “men” will try and be deep around her, it ends up feeling like you are stuck in a constant Tumblr loop. It’s so irritating. They will say things like “I wish I could pack up everything and move and live off the earth” “talks about what ever star sign they are” and “you should live everyday to the fullest *insert which ever example they require to refer to my friend” The weirdest thing is, most of these guys don’t realise she isn’t interested. They keep trying to buy her things and take her out in the hoops it will amount to something. We have told so many guys over the years that she isn’t interested and they just think its a game.


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