New Years

I hate how much of a build up new years is. Why does it have to be the best night of the year? I don’t think I have ever had  a decent New Years, ever. There is always some incident, one year a girl was bottled right in front of me. I spent the whole night and the fireworks in the first aid tent with a complete stranger, because no one seemed to know who she was. Another year, my friends brother did not get the hint or the million times I had told him I was not interested and tried to grind up on me and just smother me with his presence. Every time I danced he would try and dance near me and around me. I am sure you are thinking these aren’t that bad, but every year I have been able to go out and drink on new years I can give you an example of how expectation never, ever meets reality. I am sure none of you could even predict the endings for most of my new years, well other then the extreme disappointment of course. I worry this new years will be the same. I have decided  to go camping and I am hoping being away from the city will prevent such outcomes.

Have you ever had a terrible new years? If so, please tell me about it, I want to know I am not the only one.


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