Heart Rate



I submit a friends snapshot of what happens to a girls heart rate when a man starts yelling disgusting things to her on the street. First peak was when it started. Second peak was when he started following her.


New Project – Women and Men’s views required.

Hey all,

I am wanting to start a project with the difference between men and women, I know – you have all heard it all before, mine is more around the difference in the sexes, ie – going out, how women have to pack their hand bag in accordance of things that can double as weapons or worry about what they wear, because if something happens they may be blamed by society for her clothing choice that night, get the idea?

If you could all share a story /stories of a time you or your friends have been attacked by another man, cat called, harassed – if you could also include the enviroment, ie – work, home, school, pub…

Men, if you could share stories where you have witnessed such things take place to yourself or other women?

If you need more clarity happy to help,