Hey, wait – I have more complaints.

So, today I trek to one of our work locations, I am not very excited about it. My boss only mentioned late yesterday that I will be assisting. It’s frustrating because I am told everything super late and I can’t organise my life. Naturally they can organise it around theirs because they are the ones that book the appointments.

The issue is, I work with misogynistic men. Now, you may assume I say this about every guy. I can assure you don’t. Let me fill you in with some of the situations they have placed me in.

Two weeks ago, we week for lunch a few of the sales people my team and my boss, a waitress was serving us and I could see my boss mocking them with ear shot. Now my boss is over 50, so he should know better. He kept repeating what they had said and was pretty much shout talking about how he wondered if they had “the chop” that’s when I realised the waitress was in transition. A male to a woman, honestly I hadn’t even noticed or cared. Anyways, my boss kept complaining and mocking them. So I couldn’t take it anymore and said “you think she hears that every morning in her head” you should be applauding her bravery. One of the guys said Oh you can’t take a joke…In which I replied, of course it’s funny to you, because it isn’t your truth, it’s hers.

So, from now on I’ll be quoting my boss and coworkers, for the amusement of others because I am in complete disbelief that in 2016 these people still exist.


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