Dreams – Big Moon

I keep having all these messages and signs to create a dream list due to the new moon, I have many dreams. I can quite often be a thinker not a doer. My friend once stated “T, you are so full of passion your salvia is made of glitter” and I think that accurately describes me. However, I rarely do what I have planned. Mainly due to hiccups. I had a criminal incident 7 years ago which has caused me to keep a mediocre job until it blows over, 3 years and I am free from a stupid mistake. I am glad of it though, I would have done a million other things, just because I believed they were what would have made “other” people happy, with their perception of success, not so much my own.

So, with the new moon, I want to wish for the following – I know it wont happen immediately and in my dreams I do not wish to hurt or ruin anyone elses chances for their dreams.

  1. To write a book, a book about my childhood, if you cant find the book you want to read, write it. I have started – stories about my childhood, I get stuck sometimes writing it, because there are people that will be hurt of my opinions of them, but fuck them, if they didn’t want me to write about them – they shouldn’t have been so nasty to a child? There is also the book you have to write and the book you can publish – this stops me in my creative writing and can cause me immense turmoil. How do you overcome this?
  2. I want to go to Uni – study literature, become a Literature teacher, woo kids with books. Which in this day and age will be difficult, but I am up for the challenge.
  3. Get fit – in the hooping world, teach kids. I want to teach kids that exercise can be fun, it doesn’t always have to be a chore. This is hard for me, for at times I find hooping class unbearable. My teacher has been hooping for 20 years, so you can imagine what her patience is like. Writing this makes me want to achieve this.
  4. Travel more – TYPICAL; I know! Even just small trips through the year, I want to explore everything
  5. Adopt a puppy or adopt a kid.I have a few health issues that may affect my ability to keep a baby healthy in my womb and for that I would like to adopt, also when I was younger visiting my mum in jail, I always felt terrible for the adopted or fostered kids, they need love to stop the cycle.
  6. Be Happy, This is a hard one, but try to live in the moment – think, yes I am happy right now. Without the assistance of alcohol or drugs, just that bliss when you are reading a great book or having a wonderful deep conversation.
  7. Improve my vocabulary – read and learn as much as you can, retrieve it all. You never know what is out there that can change you, I want to be many different women in my life.
  8. Try new things OFTEN – not once in a while, as often as you can. These things change you and make you who you are.
  9. Build a force of friends to be reckon with, a cheer squad, a squad that will also tell you if you are being a fuckhead.
  10. Get rid of my allergies or find out what is really wrong with me, push for a diagnosis. – This one is hard, because they list what I have under a big umbrella and its not that simple, it will require a lot of my energy and effort and I am unsure if I can be bothered with it. I have to start pushing in the new year.

I know, this stuff sounds a bit weird or off, but its for me and hopefully in a few years I can tick a few off.


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