Blood dripping Dolls?

The last few weeks there has been protestors outside an abortion clinic near my work, freedom of speech stopped me from intervening. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. (even if it is wrong)

This week there has been loads more than usual, I know being Tuesday the week that to say all week, sounds bit presumptuous but in the last two days it has been crazy busy out the front. Today I noticed they had fake plastic dolls, covered in fake blood with all other gory stuff hanging off their outfits. It was a horrific sight.

I went out to lunch and as a lady was leaving the clinic one of the girls with the fake blood on them went to grab her, to get her to look at them and the sign. Now, I am for abortions, I don’t think there is two kinds of women, like the ones that have abortions and the ones that don’t? I don’t think that’s a thing. I think they are the same women just at very different stages of their life. Sometimes the abortion isn’t even a choice. Anyways, I wont be a justice warrior just yet. Now one of the protestors grabbed a lady leaving the clinic, a female a little closer to the incident told them off. As she did they started chanting some nonsense. So the lady and other people were now telling the protestors to leave. Before I knew it I was involved, and there was a huge crowd telling them off. I just wanted to check on the girl, make sure she was okay. Someone called the Police, now get this…WE GOT IN TROUBLE! I cant believe it. None of us grabbed anyone, we just told them that they aren’t wanted and shouldn’t they be at work or doing something else with their time. We got warnings, one of the protestors was saying to me “Imagine if you couldn’t have a child and you knew people were terminating theirs” I just couldn’t even respond to her ignorance.

The worst part is they are still there…! So, I wrote a compliant to the council. They are on crown land. I CANT BELIEVE THIS STUFF HAPPENS AND WOMEN THINK ITS OKAY TO DO THIS TO OTHER WOMEN!?!?!?!?!?!

I am sorry, I am so mad. I wish I could even articulate the anguish in that woman’s eyes. I want to send her all the love and light. Xx

3 thoughts on “Blood dripping Dolls?

  1. Yea. I’m guessing that they were trying to get the point across that abortions kill a human being…which clearly wasn’t the best approach in this instance or in that manner. I mean, if people really believed that the unborn child was a human, they wouldn’t want to kill it, right? Or would it still be a woman’s right to choose to end someone else’s life, as long as that someone is dependent upon her?


      1. Again the pro-life/anti-abortion viewpoint here would be that it’s okay for men to tell people not to kill other people, and that just because they can’t bear children it doesn’t mean they can’t defend them…Because babies are created by both males and females.


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