Talking to people making memories

Usually on a weekend, I’ll have one day out with friends and the rest I’ll lay on the couch watching Netflix.

As I’m getting older, I am realising that life is about human connection. that is how you learn the most about yourself.

On Friday night, I went out with my pal Kim, we went for dinner, which was super tasty. he is a lovely friend, super lonely, but he has a big heart.

Saturday, day, I went to this art gallery, my gosh, so interactive. I have never been to an art display like that. I caught up with one of my closest friends, old housemate, who doesn’t have many friends here. she was super cool.

Saturday night my boyfriend and I went to the movies and saw fantastic beasts and where to find them, I loved it. so gooooooood.

The top picture is from a place I went to lunch, with my friend. so lovely.

Make the effort to explore and create new things.


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