Strange sort of nothings

My work is going through the whole downsizing smut, which is about being more cost effective, efficient, bla bla bla. It makes no sense, they have hired “State Managers” which value up to three staff members salary, where is the logic in that decision? It is a sad time for all my coworkers and the people being shafted, must I mention – so close to xmas?

Now, my work often uses the phrase “we are like a family” – ugh. That is exactly what it is like, you have the Uncle/co-worker who is beyond inappropriate, the aunty/boss that shares to much information and the sibling/colleague who is constantly needing attention and affection. And now, they are deciding to “Stop Talking” to the ones that are too difficult.

The issue is, I was promised so much when I started. I was told I would be dealing with things on a national scale, not a state based. I was pretty much become a PA to a whole bunch of people and that is not what I signed up for.






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