Envy is an ugly color on you.

So this weekend past, I went to breakfast with my housemate and his girlfriend. if you have read my previous posts you would know the painful situation this would have been for me. I am moving to Sydney and they are now starting to freak out because they will loose me and they are at a point where their relationship has well and truly expired and I am the glue.

While we were at breakfast my housemate I will name her mean in this situation was gossiping about a couple friend that they have. My housemate mean, is so jealous of her. If you spend a hour with her you would understand it. But she is not at a stage in her life where she can register such things. She was saying that they had this couple over on the Friday night and had a bit of an argument. Turns out that one of them had remarked on a guy friend of ours being hot. So the retaliation to this comment was that her boyfriend slapped her and said “Why the fuck did you say that you stupid bitch” and everyone in the room felt awkward and didn’t say anything? So Mean, laughed to me when she said this, as if to say it was funny and that she deserved it.

I am so appalled that neither of them said anything about it, they just felt awkward.

I have tried to explain the severity of their actions in numerous different ways, but unfortunately they are not emotionally mature to understand such things.