What do you worry about?

I worry about the future, about losing my mind. Losing my memories. I worry so much about this, probably too much. I will probably worry myself into losing my thoughts and memories. I would hate to lose my memories, they make up who you are. All the traumatic experiences, all the joys – they are the threads in the product, the material of wh0 you are.

What are you scared of?



There is a lady that rides around my suburb on the most colorful bike I have ever seen! Which has a bubble machine on the back and just rides around and I think, that woman is so wonderful.It just makes me smile so much to see bubbles and the world needs more people like that!


Do you ever have days that you are yearning a presence so much that it begins to be unbearable.

Passing souls, you feel a sharp shallow disturbance. They appear numb to your afflictions, continuing with their everyday errands.

They all seem so blissfully unaware your heart is in deep anguish, your world is collapsing.


Image credit – Growth/Decay, Artist: Jennifer Parks