The Big Move (kinda)

I did it! I left my job after 6-7 years of camaraderie & safety net, the feeling is so freeing. Why didn’t I leave earlier? That’s right, I was so close to long service leave! They couldn’t offer me anything interstate. I honestly don’t think they tried.

I moved, I got on a plane. How fitting is the book my friend got me, I felt the whole range while taking off.

I haven’t taken all my stuff at this stage, I will go down in a few weeks & get my car & drive it all up. Maybe it will feel more real at that stage.

The point I’m making I did it. To quote Robert Frost “two roads diverged into the woods, I took the road less travelled by and that has made all the difference”



morning :)

Today is my third last day at work before I start my new job. It is a weird feeling, I don’t even want to go on my last day. I want to call in sick so I don’t have to have weird and sad conversations.

On a positive note, I saw this today can’t stop laughing.

Adult Dinner Parties

The last few weeks many of my friends have started to move out of home. It is enjoyable!

My friends all being around the age of 27, moving out of home has been long over due. It’s such an important rite of passage, it is true freedom for self discovery. In saying that, you never really value what your parents have done for you until you are in charge of washing and cooking. Oh Boy, am I ever so grateful now, for the countless times my mum prepared a range of dishes for my sister and I growing up.

The best part about my friends moving out is all the DINNER PARTIES! (we are outgrowing the rental house parties)

I am loving having a big meal amongst ten of my closest friends which is not at a restaurant. The topics can flow from a Harry Potter Birthday Party we are attending to the latest boys who are driving us crazy. It is such a lovely past time. Last night I attended yet another Dinner Party and everyone had to bring one dish, lets just say I am still full a good 12 hours later. There was so many options. Such as green thai curry,  roasted egg plant, cheese and dips, wine so so much wine, roasted apples, chocolate and avocado mouse. The choices were endless and we all got to get our creativity on. The dishes summed up each of our personalities perfectly. Plus, it was a load of fun. Did I mention that? DELISH!

My favourite conversations of last night was when a friend of mine A was stating she had always thought that bananas were shit and than the other day she had one and it was great and my other friend said, “where have you been buying all your other bananas from?” I laughed for so long. Another story was my friend stating she went to sleep with a guy on the weekend and they were getting intimate and she smelt something horrible, she couldn’t believe this guy would fart as they were getting down and dirty. She said she didn’t feel well and went home. As she was walking home she farted and realised it was her that had did it under the covers earlier and she had completely forgot and she was super embarrassed in which she went to claim she is a “Hot Mess”

Others included my friend being banned from a grocery store because they keep placing high end articles through the self check out as bananas and they have been doing this for many many months. They finally were caught, they are so fortunate that they did not have to go to court or have a criminal record they are just purely banned from that Supermarket chain for the rest of their life.

My friend S offered for us to have a sleep over at the end of the night so A and I obliged for we had taken public transport to her house. We chatted about so many topics. One that kinda struck a chord, my friend is dating a lovely guy but another guy she was keen on a very long time ago came down to our town for a few weeks and she slept with him, whilst with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend and her were on a break in which she requested and the whole thing is just super awkward. I have always thought if you want a break, you shouldn’t be together. I know, none of my business how people conduct their life.

“My friends are my estate. Forgive me then the avarice to hoard them.”- Emily Dickinson.

I am starting to feel the sadness of moving and leaving my friends. These people I have spent years picking these friends to aid me in my own personal development. I wish to remember last night for many years to come, so writing about it, technically makes the memory immortal.





SO – I am totally overwhelmed right now.

IN A WEEK (wow) I will be moving to another State and another job, living with my boyfriend. I don’t know how to react, what should I be doing?

I am currently packing, but I have all these energy, I can’t sleep. There is just so much to think about.


current feels.

Reminder – Be a BISMUTH!

Always be writing, gain new experiences, be curious, show vulnerability, take great risks and ALWAYS ask questions!

The picture above is a Bismuth, which are typically laboratory grown. However aren’t they unique? In regards to the properties of a Bismuth it is said to aid with symptoms of isolation, both spiritually and emotionally. THIS IS A STONE OF TRANSFORMATION. It is said that the power of wisdom can be actualized through Bismuth.

Spinster: Making a Life of One’s Own – Kate Bolick

“The first thing that struck me was how the single women of my acquaintance were exceptionally alert to the people around them, generous in their attention, ready to engage in conversation or share a joke. Having nobody to go home to at night had always seemed a sad and lonesome fate; now I saw that being forced to leave the house for human contact encourages a person to live more fully in the world. In the best instances, the result was an intricate lacework of friendships varying in intensity and closeness that could be, it seemed, just as sustaining as a nuclear family, and possibly more appealing.”
― Kate Bolick, Spinster: Making a Life of One’s Own

This book is about women who don’t want to get married and have kids. Don’t get me wrong, it can also be for the women who aren’t sure what they want. It has some great points, however some parts are a bit loosely written. I wish I had of read this book in my teens! It would have assisted me through so many relationships and I may have not damaged as many hearts along my journey.

If you are single, mid twenties wondering about life?! Get this book. Heck, get the book if you are in a relationship. It explains so much, goes down some paths in which I have blamed previous partners for, when in fact it was me. I require some independence, I don’t want the picket white fence life. You know what? THAT IS OK! It is all GRAVY.

Anyways, I don’t want to give too much away. Just get a copy!