Stuff about me.

I always hate these things. I never know what to write.

I enjoy reading and writing. (I know I suck at grammar but keep in mind I moved schools more times in which I can count) If there is anything I can improve on, please tell me. Always up for feedback and a great chat.

This is my first time blogging, people tell me I am full of wisdom and story tales so I needed to get on the blogging band wagon, so here I am.

I love to help people and listen and learn things when ever I can.

My Hulahoop is my most precious and prized possession.


9 thoughts on “Stuff about me.

  1. My grammar sucks too. Except for that I’m studying to like, teach it to people, so I actually have to know what I’m talking about. It makes me sad inside. On the plus side, writing is a joy, and when I say my grammar sucks I mostly mean that I can’t explain it to a group of students. So sad…so very sad. Some day.

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    1. 10 thousand hours ‘someday’ haha But I get really excited when I am writing and I miss words and key elements to my story so I definitely know your pain. Except I am not teaching it, but would love to one day.


      1. My pain is in getting exact definitions and explanations for why one can say “This is the plumber whom Dad called last night”, compared to “I’ll drive anyone who wants to go to the concert in my car”. I learned the official rule for the use of “whom” and “who” while doing homework yesterday. I have fifteen more rules to go look up and figure out. Grammar is complicated. If it was merely telling somebody what looks good/sounds good, I could do that, but when it comes to explaining the rules and theories behind proper grammatical sentences, I get stuck. So I play ukulele and hope something good will happen with that. Or at least that it will fortify me for the hours of whom vs. who debates. Did I say too much about grammar? It’s on my mind. ;/

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  2. Hi! Your page was a little confusing… (embarrassed to admit it…) BUT I was hoping we could talk about getting a book review for my autobiography, The Road to Becoming a Survivor. Please email me at if you are interested! Thank you!!

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